Defining a new overarching visual identity for a polar travel company


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  • 2020

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Polar Experience is a company run by the amazing Dixie Dansercoer, Belgium's record-holding polar traveler (who sadly passed away during during an expedition in Greenland), and Julie Brown that offers tailored polar expeditions and polar training. They approached me to help them with a rebranding of their existing Polar Circles and Polar Experience brands.


The purpose of the exercise was to explore and define a new overarching visual identity for Polar Circles and Polar Experience that could easily be used across different materials and brand touchpoints, from physical to digital. The main design objective was to emphasize simplicity, honesty, and modernity.

At the core of the brand is the logo mark. A remarkably simple design built from a set of geometrical circles that refer to the old Polar Circles brand and symbolize the earth's North and South Poles.

Logo Polar Experience

I've decided to integrate a modern, dynamic, and colorful design style that would elevate the brand in a more polished and energetic way.

Business Cards

New website

To further strengthen their position in a fast-evolving and changing market, I've also designed, and closely collaborated with my Front-end Development partner, an accompanying website. The approach here was to give the visitors their own digital polar experience through browsing the website by integrating bold imagery, immersive videos, intriguing interactions, and slick transitions.

New website

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