Building a Covid-19 realtime dashboard


  • Frontend Developer


  • Personal Project


  • 2020

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In March 2020 Belgium went into her first full Lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, suddenly giving us a lot of free time. I've decided to use that extra free time to good use and brush up on my front-end skills. After stumbling upon a public API from the American Johns Hopkins University, I took the opportunity to create a real-time dashboard that displays the official data.

Used Technologies

  • React.js (Create React App)
  • React Hooks
  • Styling with Styled Components
  • Deployed on Netlify


This little side project gave me the opportunity to play around and understand the used technologies. Giving me practical experience that I could use on my daytime job where I could assist my front-end engineer colleague in UI development of the design system project at Mediahuis.

See live demo
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